What You Need to Know For the POST (Police Officer Selection Test)

by Admin on January 26, 2015

Deciding you want a career in law enforcement, doesn’t mean that you will be selected. It is a detailed process that includes thorough testing and examinations, combined with fitness screening. Law enforcement agencies throughout the country have different testing requirements and needs, in order to achieve success and be chosen to be part of one of these companies, you have to ace the national police officer selection test.

The national police officer selection test is designed to help law enforcement agencies find the best candidates they feel can make a difference in their department. They need to ensure the candidate they choose can become part of the team and has the theoretical knowledge and fitness level to achieve success and make a difference on a daily basis.

The test comprises of a host of different sectors from mathematics to reading to writing incident reports. It is an important part of the hiring process and everyone who hopes to have a successful career in law enforcement will be required to pass their national police officer selection test. This one test can determine your future. Even the best police officers may not make it up the ranks, as while they are great at what they do, they didn’t score high marks on their entry examinations.

Each state has different requirements, so it’s always advisable to identify what needs to be met and what pass rate you need to achieve to enjoy a successful career within the law enforcement industry.

Everyone who takes the national police officer selection test are hoping for a career in law enforcement and it’s competitive with a large volume of people taking the test on a regular basis. In order to stand out and appeal to one of the law enforcement agencies in your state, you need a high score and prove that you will be a worthwhile candidate for them to invest in. This means achieving the highest possible score on the tests.

Start by preparing. Learn as much as you can about the industry and what it entails. There are a number of companies that provide study guides which you can do at home to help you prepare. Take advantage of the study guides and ensure you put time aside each day to learn, building up to the big test.

Don’t rush through the sections. Read each section in detail and ensure you understand it properly. It’s advisable to try and learn it “parrot fashion.” This way you are ensured to achieve great results as the majority of tests are multiple choice. Remember with multiple choice it’s easy to give the incorrect answer, they are designed to trick you. So choosing a home study guide that provides you with free practice tests is an added convenience.

In addition to daily studying and taking practice tests, it’s also worthwhile practicing taking multiple choice tests. Learn how to read each question. Think of the answer you would provide and then look at the options available, this way the multiple answers can’t confuse you. Often it is something so slight that differs the answers, yet an incorrect answer can reduce your test result.

During the practice tests, take your time and go through each one with care. There is no point rushing through the questions and quickly guessing which are right or wrong. When you take the real national police officer selection test, always go with your first answer. Don’t second guess yourself. In the majority of cases the first answer is usually the right one.

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