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Police Officer Entrance Exam: How to Finish in the TOP 10% and Secure the Law Enforcement Job You Want

To become a police officer not only do you have to pass your police test you need to get a score high enough to get in the TOP 10% of the eligibility list. Police officer opportunities today rely very much upon qualifications, and it is a benefit if you can study at home to get a TOP score on your police exam so you can get the police job you want. Law enforcement training is essential for a good police offer, and it is only through your specialized training that you are able to carry out the job that you do.

Nobody but a police officer is expected to do the variety of jobs that law enforcement demands, and you have to prove your ability by passing one of the toughest exams there is out there: the Police Officer Entrance Exam. Why is it so difficult that statistics indicate that only 35% pass and of those that sit the exam only 10% are hired? It is because of the high standard of training that a police officer needs, and the high caliber of person that police forces are seeking.

FACT: If you donít pass the exam you donít get hired.

FACT: Passing does not mean that you will be hired.

FACT: The higher your score the more likely you are to be hired.

Therefore, if you want to be a police officer and secure one of the few law enforcement jobs available, you not only have to pass the exam, but pass it well with a score in the top 10%. How are you going to achieve that?

Few jobs offer the excitement and satisfaction of law enforcement, and you not only get a good salary, with job security and benefits that few other jobs can offer, but also the satisfaction of helping people, arresting felons and wearing your badge with honor. Because of this the competition for police officer jobs is tough, and the Police Officer Entrance Exam is set to find the best of those competing. They donít want ordinary candidates to get through, they want the best: the toughest, the most intelligent, the most able to pass the test.

Some of the Best Police Candidates DONíT get Hired Because They Donít know How to Take Tests

Of these three qualities, which would you rank most important: Toughness? Intelligence? Test ability? In fact many tough intelligent guys, that everybody expected to become a law enforcement officer easily, fail because they canít pass exams. They donít know how to take exams. Their toughness and intelligence are no use to them if they donít know how to pass exams.

Because of this, less qualified and experienced applicants are being offered police officer jobs at the expense of those that should be getting them because they understand what the exams are looking for. When the preparation of such people is analyzed, it is found that they have a game plan for the test itself. They have a strategy for dealing with the test that is more than just revision of facts or example questions. They are able to apply logical thinking and analytical thought processes to problems to arrive at the right answer.

That is not to suggest that you canít prepare for the written and physical exams from the point of view of content. You can, and it is essential that facts are all at your fingertips. However, successful candidates can also:

ē Learn memory aids that help them with recall tests, key concepts and facts.

ē Learn strategies for police officer oral interviews

ē Learn strategies for reading comprehension

ē Learn candidateís polygraph strategies

ē Learn strategies to handle the police officer essay exam

ē Learn strategies to apply analysis and logic in thinking out a problem.

ē Learn the pitfalls that others fall into and the mistakes they make, and how to avoid them.

ē Understand many other aspects of sitting exams that help them with the exam itself.

It doesnít matter how many facts you know or how physically fit you are, if you donít learn from the mistakes made by others and donít learn some strategies about how to approach exams, and donít know how to give the examiners what they are looking for rather than what you think they want, then you will find it very difficult to pass.

Your future in law enforcement depends entirely on passing the Police Officer Entrance Exam, and whether you agree or not, it is as much to do with your ability and knowledge of how to take exams as it is of your knowledge of law enforcement. Many potentially very good police officers have failed because they refused to accept that fact.

People That Know HOW to Take Tests can Get Higher Scores with Less Study Time

The way to learn is not only from the mistakes of other, but also from the successes of those that passed the exam even though they were not expected to. These are the people that can pass exams with the minimum of preparation since they know HOW to take an exam, and know EXACTLY what the question and the examiner is looking for. They know how to think analytically and apply simple logic to finding easy solutions to everyday problems.

If you can learn these techniques, then you are most of the way to a high score, and a good score on the Police Officer Entrance exam is essential if you are to be offered a law enforcement job. Be that 10%, and find out how to take exams, not just learn the facts you have to know.


There is more to securing police officer jobs than just passing the Police Officer entrance Exam: you have to pass it with a top 10% score, and to do that you have to learn how to take exams, not just the facts and figures needed to answer the questions.

Suggested Resource:

The Police Exam Digital Manual teaches you how to sit the Police Officer Entrance Exam successfully, and explains all the strategies you need to attain the high pass mark required to become a law enforcement officer. Learn to think logically at http://www.policepath.com and how to apply your new-found skills to passing exams.

Important Test Tip: When answering reading comprehension questions, answer the questions based on information in the passage, NOT prior knowledge. In other words, if you don't agree with something stated in the passage this is not the time to argue your point. You can do that after the test. Your goal is to get the highest score. In this part of the test, you are being tested on your ability to read and comprehend, not your knowledge of the subject.

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