Tips to prepare for your police exam

by Admin on April 1, 2017

The police exam is meant to weed out average and below average candidates and only pick the best and brightest candidates for the law enforcement tasks. That is why all candidates go through a hard screening process to ensure that they are fit for the job. The example includes a thorough physical exam, oral interview and a written examination. Candidates are also required to read and think through several scenarios to show the ability to think on their feet. You have to be well prepared for the tests for you to go through the multifaceted process and emerge at the top. Here are some great tips to get you started.

The police is a quasi-military establishment. The police practice military protocol and have a structured system where command flows through ranks. Respect is of great importance in the police force. Ensure that you talk to your interviewers with respect and carry yourself with respect to leave a positive impression.

Do your research
It is important to know what types of tests that you are going to have at the examination. provides lots of resources to helps you prepare for the tests. Anticipate the kind of questions that you are likely to get and do a lot of practice.

Improve on your weak areas
After going through the resources and doing the sample questions, identify the areas of weakness. Work to strengthen the areas of weakness. Most people find the math component of the examination tough as it has been long since they did any math test. Lots of practice in those areas can shore up the scores.

Eat and sleep well
Avoid skipping meals or eating high fat and sugary foods just before taking the tests. The food makes the body feel all worked up. Moreover, ensure that you have enough sleep the night before the test. Sleep relaxes your mind and helps you do the exam when you are fresh.

Mark your answers clearly
If you are going to use a Scranton type answer paper, you will be required to fill a little dot using a lead pencil on the corresponding letters. Many people fail when the Scantron reader fails to get the correctly marked answer. If you erase an answer, make sure that the pencil mark is fully erased.

Finally, start preparing early enough. Cramming concepts at the last minutes will only get you confused and likely to cause a fail. Give your mind time to learn and you will be good to go.

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