What is the National Police Officer Selection Test (POST)

by Admin on April 24, 2015

The National Police Officer Selection Tests will test four primary cognitive skills critical to successfully learning and performing of the police officer’s job. This test, along with other factors, such as your application form, an oral interview, complete background investigation, and a medical evaluation, will assist police departments in assessing your ability to successfully perform the work required for this position.

More Police Agencies are Counting on National Police Officer Selection Test

When a police agency really cares about representing the public and protecting them, they are going to carefully select the officers that they are using.  The National Police Officer Selection Test is one way that they will do this.  They have a lot of information that has to be known in order to take these tests.

This is not going to be the only selection process that is used.  Someone with a higher score may be more employable by the agency though.  This is why people want to have a high score on these tests.

The components of the National Police Officer Selection Test (POST) are:

  1. Arithmetic: This section of the exam tests a candidate’s ability to perform simple arithmetic, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. This section presents scenarios related to law enforcement, but does not require previous law enforcement experience to answer.

Example: An appliance store is burglarized and 21 Compact Disc Players with a total value of $1,050 are stolen. What is the average value of the Compact Disc Players?

  1. $10.50
  2. $50.00
  3. $55.00
  4. $105.50
  5. $22,050


The correct answer is b.


  1. Reading Comprehension: This section of the exam tests a candidate’s ability to understand written words, as well as the ideas and concepts associated with them. Information is presented in a law enforcement context without requiring previous knowledge of law enforcement to answer questions.

Example: Although the detectives do not have a suspect, evidence from the crime scene suggests several possibilities. The direct route of the burglar indicates that the perpetrator most likely knew the inside of the home fairly well. He passed up the camera and VCR in the living room and the Gucci tennis bracelet and silver jewelry lying on the dresser in the bedroom. No steps were wasted. The fact that the burglar was able to deactivate the elaborate alarm system suggests that the burglar may be a career criminal. The fact that the burglar took only the real emeralds and left the “paste” seems to indicate that he or she is a gemstone expert. The Cedar Insurance Company (CIC) insured the emeralds for $100,000.00. They were taken from the safe that is hidden behind a picture in the bathroom. The emeralds were insured by the Cedar Insurance Company for which amount?

  1. $100,000
  2. $50,000
  3. $10,000
  4. $5,000
  5. $1,000

The correct answer is a.


  1. Grammar: This section of the exam tests a candidate’s ability to spell and use grammar and punctuation correctly. This section requires candidates to correctly complete sentences and identify misspelled words.

Example: The clerk at the store confirmed Tueday that John Exit resides at 1111 Cedar Lane, One Town, Maryland. Which word in the sentence above is misspelled?

  1. store
  2. confirmed
  3. Tueday
  4. Resides
  5. All of the above.

The correct answer is c. (Tueday). The correct spelling is Tuesday.


  1. Report Writing: This section of the exam tests a candidate’s ability to produce complete sentences with correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. The section requires writing answers based on an incident report form. Answers to the questions should be written in complete sentences with correct grammar and spelling.


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